At Moon Beings, our mission is to provide the best quality skincare products for you and the environment too. This means high quality vegan, non toxic, cruelty free, highly effective ingredients with production methods that reduce manufacturing waste. We carry a low footprint packaging in glass and offer a recycling program for all of our products. 



We are on a mission for healthy skin, not perfect skin. We don't believe there is "perfect skin" only healthy skin. 

Moon Beings believes in generosity and equality. We talk to strangers – and we’ve made many friends this way! We give you our trust unconditionally. We believe in change. How we see it - We all live on this earth and when we look up - we all see the same moon. This moon runs our tides, our planet and affects every human on planet earth. This unites us all.

Our inclusive ethos statement – "One Moon. All Beings."

Join the Moon Beings movement!



When you're ready to return your glass bottle, email us at and we will email you a paid postage for you to send back your bottle. To refill your foaming pumps, simply order our glass refills, pour into your pump and add water.



Request a free ship back at with no obligation for purchase. 

1. When placing your request, tell us which product(s) you are returning. 

2. Within 48 hours (during business hours and not including holidays) we will send you a paid postage via email you can print and ship with.

3. Give yourself a pat on the back -- you just made the planet happy and made a difference! We thank you!


Hi! I'm Melanie, the creator of Moon Beings. I wanted to introduce myself! After years of suffering from autoimmune disease skin conditions and intolerance to most ingredient in cosmetics and in skin care --- my skin was ripped apart. It hurt so horribly. I spent many days with steroids, ice packs and tried every product on the market looking for healing and relief. After years of research & working with estheticians combined with testing, I started making my own products. This was my humble beginning and my skin has never looked better. Now, I'm able to offer a whole line of fun & effective products to you, with carefully selected ingredients by me! 

With love, from your fellow Moon Being and space explorer,

Melanie Tritt, CEO & Founder



Our Brands That Bond Program. We're out making friends with brands and products that support us & your community. We will be showcasing them, their mission and products soon. Be sure to subscribe to Moon Beings to learn more about Brands That Bond with really cool brands doing really cool stuff! Are you a brand interested in joining the Brands That Bond Community please email Melanie at Shop Brands That Bond coming soon!