this today?? I'm shocked...

Go To Post this today?? I'm shocked at how I feel at this point in my life. Especially today. I'm extremely grateful. Personally, I've never been into big Birthday celebrations for myself. I wasn't going to post about it today but I want people, especially women to know that you can be & feel young forever, especially in your soul. Don't fear aging. Years back, thinking of being 49 yrs old seemed unimaginable. Even weird & scary at times. But, I've never felt like I was aging nor working towards retiring like many do. I just don't envision my forward life with a stopping point. I never will! Stay young my friends! Age is just a number - I promise. My mom's motto for herself was "20 Forever" - Faith. 📷 @styling.sunshine #happybirthday #foundersbirthday #ageisastateofmind #skincarethoughts #loveyourself #foreveryoung #loveyourlife #ageless #dancethroughlife #agingbackwards #mindsetiseverything

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