Crazy days can be fun,...

Go To Post     Crazy days can be fun, especially when you awake to the @beautyshortlist and a few awards. That's a good kind of crazy! This win is proof that with clear direction, skill and ambition - you can manifest matter what your budget is! BUT - what brings happy sappy tears is ... Moon Beings is built through free expression. By which, is an extension of the 'spiritual' me. It is so wonderful to see that by living my truths it shines through what I create and it has been embraced by my community. I'm so extremly grateful to all our supporters, near and far. You know who you are!!! They are customers, influencers, ambassadors, brands and fellow formulators across the globe! How amazing is that?!! Especially, to USA product panel ---- @dawndelrusso & @jessicagreyourisman for cheering me on and the relationships we've formed! Only more good stuff landing and coming soon from Moon Beings! "One Moon - All Beings" --------Melanie, CEO & Founder MWAH!💋 #beautyshortlist #beautyshortlist2021 #skincareawards #bestproductaward #bestproducts #micronutrients #communityiskey #greenbeauty #sustainableskincare #brandcreator #brandingdesign #skincareingredients #inclusivitymatters #spiritualwarrior #makerofdreams #dreamsbecomereality #believeinypurself #disruptthebasic

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