7 things women are doing wrong in skincare

Do you regularly read about skincare or care about your skin on a serious note ?We agree beautiful and healthy skin doesn’t require makeup to hide flaws. Perhaps, there are many women and teens out there following everything they read online for their skin routine. Let us tell you that not everything you read maybe suitable for your skin type. Check if you are following the right method for your skin.

In this quick read, we will discuss some of the common skincare tips followed by women that are completely wrong according to skin experts.

7 things women are doing wrong in skincare:

  1. Using a face cleanser or face wash everyday:

Exposing the skin to many chemicals can irritate it and result in skin dryness. You don’t have to stop but, limit your usage of face washes and cleansers. Try switching out your soap cleansers with oil cleansing to remove makeup & dirt while also moisturizing your skin at the same time.

  1. Scrubbing skin or using an exfoliator:

Exfoliators are highly not recommended by skin specialists. It is because the harsh scrubs can result in tearing micro-skin cells and result in acne or fine lines. Check if your exfoliator has mild ingredients and is gentle for your skin type. Alpha hydroxy products are also exfoliants without the scrubbing and work more effectively and without damaging the skin cell structure.

  1. Using the same towel for face and body:

It was one of the most commonly asked questions and we found that teens typically use the same towel for their face and body. Keeping the face towel separate keeps dirt, dust, and bacteria away.

  1. Bathing with hot water:

We agree hot water relaxes the tired muscles after a hectic day; however, taking a bath with hot shower everyday can evaporate your skin’s natural oils. Switching to lukewarm or cold water for face wash can make skin look fresh. 

  1. Following all skin care tips:

Don’t blindly follow everything that you read on the net or in articles. Choose the right tip most suitable for your skin type. Following the trend without proper research and knowledge can put your skin at risk of allergies and skin irritation. Further educate yourself with skincare ingredients by researching them before using them yourself.

  1. Using recommended products online:

Following everything that is recommended by a skincare specialist without completing one routine properly can make your skin confused about how to react. Be consistent in your routine – stick to the same products routine. Results are based on efficacy and consistency.

  1. Putting layers on the skin incorrectly:

Layer your skin in the right manner. Most women apply a toner followed by a serum, moisturizer, or oil. However, some moisturizers are active-based and may add double layers of unwanted chemicals& preservatives to your skin. Same example goes for eye creams and makeup bases. Don’t over-do-it! Less is more!


How many have you been following incorrectly?


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